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Custom Car Vent Clip

Custom Car Vent Clip

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Almost any mini crystal or tumble can be made into a car vent clip. Car vent clips are made with a heat resistant resin type glue so that they stay on forever!

Make sure you checkout with the item you want made into a car vent clip as well as this listing. You need to purchase this listing for every single car vent clip you want made. 

For example, if you want 2 moss agate star car vent clips and 1 rhodonite moon car vent clip and 1 malachite heart car vent clip, you would add these items to your cart:

moss agate star (x2)

rhodonite moon (x1)

malachite heart (x1)

car vent clip listing (x4)

Then please email us at to let us know which items are to be made into car vent clips (in case there might be other items in your order).

Here are the items that can be made into car vent clips:

-Tumbles: Rose quartz, Clear quartz, Smoky quartz, Lapis lazuli, Labradorite , Goldstone cubed, Opalite cubed, Mookaite cube, Larvakite cube, Howlite cubed , Cats eye cube, Carnelian, Sulphur Quartz, Rubelite, Girasol quartz, Pink mangano calcite, Green onyx, Lemon calcite, Choclate calcite, Honey calcite, Que sera, Red jasper, Leopard jasper, Angelite, Snowflake obsidian, Raw black tourmaline, Raw blue kyanite, Raw lepidolite book, Raw amethyst, Aura point (pink or purple), staurolite, black sunstone moonstone, rainbow moonstone, black tourmaline, raw sunstone, raw labradorite, raw tanzanite, raw peridot, raw watermelon tourmaline 

-Stars: yellow jasper, dragon bloodstone, clear quartz, Larvakite, Que sera, African bloodstone, Opalite, moss agate, Rhodonite, flower agate, Dalmation jasper, unakite, sodalite, Howlite, dyed Howlite (blue), tigers eye, blue goldstone, red jasper, mahogany obsidian, green Adventurine, blue lace agate, gold sheen obsidian, ocean jasper

-Moons: lapis lazuli, picture jasper, strawberry quartz, flower agate, Rhodonite, tigers eye, moss agate, rose quartz, unakite, green Adventurine, orange Adventurine, blue sky quartz, blue jasper, Dalmation jasper, red jasper, Opalite, Que sera, blue lace agate, aquamarine, ocean jasper, gold rutile

-Cubes: Mookaite, Howlite, goldstone, silky fluorite, Rutilated quartz, Opalite, rose quartz, Larvakite, red jasper, fluorite, African Bloodstone, terahertz, glow stone, clear quartz, Rhodonite, ocean jasper, flower agate

-Hearts: rose Quartz, red jasper, green Adventurine, blue jasper, mahogany obsidian, obsidian, Opalite, clear quartz tigers eye, Kambaba Jasper, Mookaite, picture jasper, goldstone, Rhodonite, unakite ocean jasper, petrified wood, lepidolite, sunstone moonstone, strawberry quartz, Lodalite, malachite, blue apatite

-Hello Kitty: sunstone moonstone, fluorite, strawberry quartz

-Paw prints: fluorite, flower agate, strawberry quartz, sunstone, cordierite

-Fluorite carvings: Angel wing, hedgehog, bear, lotus, key, bow, turtle, Pokémon, fairies, SpongeBob, Patrick Star, mushrooms, bunny, bumblebee, Kurumi, jack skellington head, Stitch, ducks, bananas, pumpkin carriage, sailor moon, tortoro 

-Flowers: ocean jasper, lapis lazuli, gem lepidolite, green flower agate

-Cabachons: malachite, gem lepidolite, amazonite, labradorite, kunzite teardrops, malachite rectangles, lodalite rectangles, aquamarine teardrops, rainbow moonstone, strawberry quartz, coral fossil, blue lace agate, hypersenth, amethyst, rose quartz, blue apatite, phosphosiderite, Ethiopian welo opal, red amber, Larimar, sunstone, charoite

-Animal carvings: mini elephants, mini turtles, mini snails

-Other: hexagons, fire quartz bear, crystal mini fairies, gnomes, dog bones, mini turtles, mini peens

-triple DT point (pick 3 points): red jasper, obsidian, lapis lazuli, amethyst, tigers eye, clear quartz, orange Adventurine, yellow jasper, green Adventurine, rose quartz

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