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Karma Crystal Confetti Scoop

Karma Crystal Confetti Scoop

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1- Amazing scoop of our limited time Karma Crystal Confetti (choose from a 150+ gram scoop or a 300+ gram scoop!)


Mix contains the following:

Rose Quartz Pop Sockets

Kunzite chips

Amethyst chips 

Labradorite chips (super flashy)

Lavender Rose Quartz chips

Purple Garnet chips

Large Rose Quartz tumbles

Laser Lemurians

High quality Sunstone Moonstone tumbles

High quality Black Suntone Moonstone tumbles 

Lavender Rose Quartz spheres

Chocolate Calcite mini soheres

Fluorite mini Bow carvings

Pink Mangano Calcite tumbles

Rose Calcite tumbles

Raw Celestite

Raw Natural Citrine Points

Lepidolite Books


NOTE: We really try to give y’all an amazing scoop with a nice variety but they are random scoops so you might not get every single item listed that’s inside this mix. But we do give very very generous scoops that are much over the size it says on here. 

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