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Protection Crystal Confetti Scoop

Protection Crystal Confetti Scoop

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1- scoop of our new Protection Crystal confetti mix!

Choose size: 150+ gram scoop or 300+ gram scoop


Mix includes:

-Tigers eye chips

-Super Seven chips

-Black Tourmaline chips

-Black rutile quartz chips

-Labradorite chips

-Red rutile quartz chips

-Large labradorite tumbles

-Large Rainbow Moonstone tumbles

-Large Black Tourmaline tumbles

-Black Sunstone Moonstone tumbles

-Rare Chiastolite tumbles

-Black Rutile Quartz mini cubes

-Rainbow Smoky quartz mini spheres

-Evil eye charms

-Mini mushrooms (obsidian, mahogany obsidian, tigers eye)

-Labradorite hearts (insanely flashy!)

-Raw Pink Tourmaline Adjustable Rings

-Black Sunstone Adjustable Rings

-4mm Red rutile Lodalite Quartz faceted bracelets 

-8mm Rare Harlequin Amethyst Bracelets 

-Raw Black Tourmaline car vent clips

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