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Variety Tumble (Limited Stock Tumbles!)

Variety Tumble (Limited Stock Tumbles!)

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1- tumble (choose which material)

Very Limited amount remaining of all tumbles on this listing!

 Approximate sizes:

Large Smoky Amethyst- 33mm x 37mm

Sieber Agate- 16mm x 30mm

Honey Calcite- 23mm x 29mm

Large Red Jasper- 29mm x 43mm

Shiva Lingham- 17mm x 31mm

Rhyolite (Rainforest Jasper)- 20mm x 29mm

Indigo Gabbro- 20mm x 31mm

Jet- 16mm x 25mm

Malachite- 18mm x 37mm

Small Strawberry Quartz- 18-19mm

Large Strawberry Quartz- 24-30mm

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